Pro MMA Radio, the premiere mixed martial arts radio program in the business, is now available to select websites by virtue of our trademarked player that allows you to make every episode of the show available to your visitors at zero cost. Network members can provide the highest quality audio content on their website without using any bandwith or incurring any charges of any kind. With average show times of 90 minutes, visitors will stay on your website for longer periods of time while they listen to the show and the traffic never leaves your website! And you’ll get free promotion for your website both here on our PMR Broadcast Network Partners page as well as host mentions on Pro MMA Radio.
  • Premium, weekly, syndicated MMA audio content
  • No content fees
  • No hosting fees
  • No bandwith fees…use our bandwith, not yours
  • Visitors never leave your website and spend more time on your stie while listening to the show

Pro MMA Radio (“PMR”) is a professional mixed martial arts radio show devoted to bringing listeners all the best from the exciting world of mixed martial arts. Weekly guests include top fighters, trainers and industry insiders from the UFC, WEC and other top MMA promotions. PMR airs every Monday night at 6PM PST, 9PM EST with On-Demand Replays available that evening through the trademarked Pro MMA Radio Network Player, iTunes and other podcast and audio services.

Hosted by Larry Pepe, the show is recognized by major outlets as the best in MMA…


Simple. Send us an email at with your name, contact information and the website URL where the banner wlll be located. Once approved, you will be sent  a link to the members section of this website where you will find over a dozen different banners in numerous shapes and sizes  for you to choose from. The banner  must be displayed on the home page of your website or a separate page  designated as Pro MMA Radio in your home page navigation. Simply take the code and place it on your website. The Pro MMA Radio Player will operate immediately and automatically open when your visitors click on the banner. Within  seconds, the most recent episode of the show will begin  to air. Your visitors will have full audio controls  (volume, play, pause, etc.) and will also have the ability  to listen to any prior episode of the show by simply  selecting it from the Playlist. This is as easy as it  gets. And if you need any help placing the code on your website we’ll do it for you. Click Here  to Get Started.